The establishment of this undertaking originates from the persistent work of the Russian citizen Mr. VCEVOLOD KANONNIKOFF, who started out in navigation in Paraguay in 1926, with a wooden vessel that he built himself and called “La Esperanza”, registered with the National License N° 42, in the year 1927.

In 1992 the new National Constitution was enacted. The same one, in its Art. 107, prohibited the establishment of monopolies, so consequently, via the mentioned constitutional article, the possibility to establish companies in domains previously restricted per law were opened to the private sector in general.

Finding himself in this situation and having a favourable legal framework for first time, Mr. SVIATOSLAV KANONNIKOFF ANISIMOFF began to work on the idea of establishing a Private Port, since he disposed of family-owned estates, which constituted an ideal physical location for the development of the project. What drove him was the idea of the complementation and integration of Paraguay with the countries of the River Plate Basin, the necessity to contribute to the integration in the Mercosur with efficient services and using the waterway as a strategy to overcome the disadvantages of being a landlocked country. Thus, on 6 January 1995, the company PUERTOS Y ALMACENES GENERALES KANONNIKOFF S.A. (PAKSA) was founded.

PAKSA presented the bill of a private port complex, sanctioned as Law 530/95 with its Regulatory Decrees numbers 7570/95; 17.702/97; 16.924/97; 19.604/98; 22.066/98; 1.604/99; 4465/99 and 4520/99 and Legal Rulings numbers 68/96; 139/97; 08/99 and Agreements and Sentences numbers 627/97; 568/99 and 500/2001 .

As such, PAKSA began its actual activities during the month of June 1997, creating a private alternative to providing port services for the import and export of freight in general.

Mission and Vision



Provide port services with security, agility and efficiency, within a frame of social and legal responsibility, with services that exceed the clients´ expectations, thus cultivating their loyalty and ensuring the profitable growth through the excellence of human and physical resources.


Explore new markets in other geographical points of the country, improving the offer and the range of related services to strategic users and partners.